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“This is a significant investment by RTÉ in the women’s game,” said Nugent today, “and we are delighted to be able to bring the match to Irish audiences across all our platforms.

The poor woman's body was spared the ultimate indignity when the guys were nabbed by the local cops; they'd already dug down to the top of the vault holding her coffin when they panicked and were picked up after being reported for acting suspicious.

This weekend I had a talk with my grandma (this is when they start telling me my duties as a man and other crap) and she spoke about family and how I’m the […] EMPLOYEE GAVE THREE WEEKS’ NOTICE TODAY, CAN I ASK HIM TO LEAVE TOMORROW? Meet at 2nd lot on right about 1 .5 miles into park – Tulip Tree picnic area.

QUESTION: An employee just gave notice that he is leaving the firm in three weeks. Lunch stop at Mc Nasty’s (good burgers and beers)in New Boston! Saugatuck Music Festival Weekend Call and make reservations ASAP! Each weekend at Campit Outdoor Resort offers a new themed event.

Pasta dinner will be provided Bring your own mask (does not need to be black and white) or use one of the masks that will be provided Enter your own […] Save the date!

Just like in the United States, where some states rise above others when it comes to women, while some countries are leading the way for treatment of women, others lag way behind.


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