Form validating event c

The Causes Validation property is True by default on all the controls, but I have changed this to False on the Cancel Button.

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I have a textbox with a validating event listener to validate the content of the textbox against a regular expression.Cancel = true' instruction at the right place of your own validating method.I have a simple Form with a single Text Box, plus OK and Cancel buttons.Pressing the Cancel button bypasses Validating, which is perfect. Add(panel); In this simplified example the textbox will not let you proceed if there are 3 characters input.However, pressing Escape to cancel the form does not perform the same as pressing the Cancel button - it raises the Validating event and prevents the user from exiting. You can press the Cancel button or close the form directly even if there are 3 characters present; however pressing the Escape key will not do the same - it fires the Validating event whereas it should be doing the same as pressing Cancel.So before saving data, I want to validate whether all the required fields are filled (Text Boxes) by the user. I would rather use a generic function that would be passed each control on the form and based on the type of the control, separate validation logic would be written.


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