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But during the change of command, leaders made clear that she was chosen for her expertise and leadership, not because she is a woman.“She is without a doubt the right choice to assume command of this great unit at this time,” said Col. Moses, the 3rd Special Forces Group commander who passed the battalion colors to Brogden, symbolically starting her time in command. I look forward to working with you in the days ahead.”.embed-container .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed Brogden said the Group Support Battalion has a noteworthy reputation. It marked her new position as a battalion commander and all the responsibilities associated with that job. “It’s such a great organization.”But while happy to take on the challenges and proud of her accomplishments, Brogden is hesitant to mark herself as breaking new ground or smashing through any so-called glass ceilings.“I don’t necessarily see it as much of a milestone,” she said. It’s a lot about timing.”Officials have called Brogden’s assuming command a historic moment for 3rd Group and the rest of the Special Forces Regiment. Focus on the mission and take care of your soldiers and their families.Moses said Brogden has an unwavering dedication to soldiers, and a long history of supporting and leading special operations soldiers and maintaining the force.“You’re a great officer, Megan. It’s the largest, most diverse of five battalions within the 3rd Special Forces Group, charged with supporting Special Forces teams deployed to remote and austere environments in Africa and the Middle East.“They have an awesome reputation,” she said.And for the next two years, she said, she’ll work to build on that reputation and innovate to better support soldiers and their missions. I’m injured, but next year I’ll be stronger.”“I’m just so proud every time he’s doing an event. “I’m happy that my daughter’s here to be able to see him. He’s always going to go beyond the best he can, and somehow he pulls it out and does better than he physically should be able to.

He walked off his remote post in Afghanistan in 2009 and was subsequently held by the Taliban for five years. 14, 2015, following an Article 32 preliminary hearing on Sept. In the latest motions, prosecutors filed a motion last week to request declassification for seven documents they plan to use during the proceedings.

Brogden was handed a flag today that was full of symbolism. Brogden, who assumed command of the Group Support Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group, is the first woman to assume command of a battalion within any of the Army’s seven Special Forces groups.“It was a very humbling moment,” she said after the ceremony on Fort Bragg’s Meadows Field.

And it marked a milestone in the continued diversification of Army special operations.

He said competing in the Do D Warrior Games helps him feel like an athlete again.

Do D photo by EJ Hersom Army veteran Fred Lewis, left, a member of the U. He also wrestled for the Army until he was injured.


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